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The Iconic Edition
|16 May 2018|5 mins

Your complete guide to the bags that are trending right now

The fashion week streets have spoken
Quilted bag, chequered blazerQuilted bag, chequered blazer

In the outfit hierarchy, I’ve always been really bad at prioritising bags. I’ve gone years carting around a bag I bought as a uni student until it literally fell apart...

But by the looks of Australian Fashion Week 2018, my priorities are all backwards. It’s the BAGS that are doing all the heavy lifting to elevate these looks from nice to next level.

There were extremely tiny ones to oversized totes, from sporty bum bags to grandma handbags, so there’s something for any vibe and occasion you’ve got going on this season and beyond.

We love a trend (hello bum bags) but quality bags are also a must so we were so glad the style setters at MBFW went for classics as well.

Here's our round-up of the best trends from the MBFW streets. Warning, you better pack an extra lip balm 'cos you’ll feel so fashion wearing these bags that you’ll want to start air kissing and calling yourself an influencer immediately...

The trend: Chainlink hardware

Can we please get an amen for this look? The double denim on Gritty Pretty’s founder Eleanor Pendleton is elevated with the sportluxe stripe down the leg that’s a signature of Pip Edwards’ brand P.E Nation, but the perfect paradox to such a casual vibe is the rich emerald leather on this delicate chainlink bag.

This style of strap is being seen on the shoulder bags that are trending at the moment, so get on board. Go minimal and pack light.  

sportluxe jeans; eleanor pendleton; shoulder strap bagsportluxe jeans; eleanor pendleton; shoulder strap bag

As seen on @eleanorpendleton  

The trend: Graphic tote

This all-cream outfit brings interest through the layering of textures. But the fashion value is really in the accessories, with the bowling-style shoes and a graphic tote drawing the eye.

We’re seeing large shopping bags made from a light fabric making an appearance at fashion week. It’s a nice relief from the tiny purses smaller than your palm that are also trending as you can fit everything from an ipad to spare shoes in there.

With such out-there pieces as these, it’s crucial to tie it all together with the colourways throughout, like with the pinks in both the socks and hair too.

As seen on a 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week attendee

The trend: Monogrammed

There’s no better accent to a floral high-neck jumpsuit than a black monogram clutch like this one we spotted model Maddie Cowe with at fashion week.

Monogram is a trend that’s still going strong, with initials being seen on everything from phones to backpacks and of course the classic slim, zip clutch.

It’s a simple accessory that lets the statement jumpsuit shine, without competing.

As seen on @madelinecowe

The trend: Quilting

We know the chequered blazer is having a major moment right now and a quilted bag is an impeccable way to accent it, with its quilted leather and gold hardware.

This is the chainlink strap trend again, adding a modern detail to a look that could otherwise be too preppy.

The high-neck jumper is another small detail that we love on trending tops that makes a big difference in modernising this look, and balances out the short hemline so well.

As seen on a 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week attendee

The trend: Statement strap

This pastel moment is made a million times cooler with this bag that steals the show with its oversized Sans Beast logo strap. It’s a nod to the bum bag trend, but bigger.

It’s all about the cross-body draping so go big or go home. Wearing your strap super tight with your bag up near the hips is the way to do it.

Statement bag strap bum bagStatement bag strap bum bag

As seen on @fakander

The trend: Bum bag

We could not be more convinced of the bum bag trend than by anyone other than Julie Stevanja, a street-style favourite at MBFW.

The founder of Stylerunner has jumped on board the red train, which is a big thing at the moment, but she made the look really earn its keep with the oversized bum bag draped across the body, which is how the major league players wear it.

Bum bag Julie StevanjaBum bag Julie Stevanja

As seen on @juliestevanja

Houndstooth handbag

If you don’t have a grandma handbag, are you even fashion? We saw a lot of fashion week personalities holding their top-handle, medium-sized handbags out in front in both hands to let them have their moments.

There were plenty of nanna details too, like houndstooth, crochet and other materials you might find near the fine china cabinet at your granny’s place.

Pair this grandma bag style with fun pastels and furry details for the young at heart.

As seen on a 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week attendee

Circle hardware

Vintage-looking jumpsuits are a big obsession this season, and this pale grey chequered one is offset with a tiny cream bag that has modern circle details, which we saw a lot of at MBFW.

This look is so superbly restrained, with just two strong trends in similar tones bringing them together. Go oversized like you mean it, and add some eighties-vibe sunnies.

As seen on a 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week attendee

We're partial to tiny shoulder strap bags and can't go past a bum bag. Which ones are your faves?

Rebecca Hooton
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