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The Iconic Edition
|20 Oct 2020|6 mins

How This Model Spends Her Bondi Summer

Phoebe Ghorayeb shares her breakfast go-to’s and a date night that won’t break the bank. 

There’s a near-irresistible sense of freedom that comes with summer. It’s an adventure you can feel in the warm air and in the memories of summers past. Summer is creek swims, beach holidays and bush adventures – stories made over long days and bright nights. 

This season, we asked Australian creatives – models, photographers and those we admire – to share a snapshot of their summer, and all that makes it special. 

This campaign took us around the nation, sharing home towns and favourite haunts from the bush to the beach, each led and shot by those who call that place home.

Phoebe Ghorayeb – model, mother, content creator and the woman behind MODEL APPETITE – spent the afternoon with us on North Bondi’s boat ramp, as captured for us by her husband and photographer Georges Antoni.

When asked about her ultimate summer day, she pins it as “copious amounts of Lebanese food” cooked by Antoni’s mum and dad at their home in the Sunshine State. “Some kind of group dance would ultimately ensue followed by lengthy talks against the setting sun.”

Home for now, she shares her Sydney summer-ready go-to’s.

Phoebe, thanks for sharing these shots with us. We’d love to learn a little more about this place you call home. Where are your go-to’s for ...

... Weekend breakfast in Bondi?
“Depot. Their rainbow bowl is probably one of my favourite meals in the whole of Bondi.

"Also: Heart Café. A relatively new spot in Bondi, not only does it serve really delicious food it supports the lives of unemployed young people by hiring them into paid hospitality traineeships. It also makes one of my favourite coffees in Bondi.”

… Dinner with the kids?
“Well this is definitely a rare occurrence but when we do muster up the courage to wrangle the tiny troops, we love taking the girls to Macelleria (Bondi) for steak and chips or Society pizza for … pizza. Quick, easy and yum, the perfect kids dinner combo.”

… Dinner with Georges?
"Sadly another rare occurrence but when we do get the opportunity, a couple of our favourite spots are Yen’s Vietnamese Restaurant in Redfern and Faheems Fast Food in Enmore. They are by no means fancy but they tick the tasty box and to be honest, any chance we get to eat dinner together is special regardless of where we go."

… Fave swimming spot?
“We like to keep our swimming pretty close to home and being lucky enough to live two minutes from Bondi beach the ocean is our back garden. Unfortunately, Valentina is terrified of waves (definitely gets that from me) so the Bondi baby pool is her sweet spot. And Siddy is learning to love it too.”

… Weekend hangs?
“Caught in the Bondi bubble we’re happy just cruising around our neighbourhood. First stop Bondi markets for some fresh produce and a spot of brunch, followed by a quick run around at the playground, pick up a green smoothie from Bobby’s Corner then we spend the rest of the day chilling out at home, cooking and snuggling with our babies on the couch.”

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