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|19 May 2020|5 mins

How To Look Like You’ve Had Sleep & Other Mum Hacks

Hairstylist and mum of two, @rhiannon.abrahams shares her morning beauty routine.

No matter why you reach for it, makeup can bring the joy, the playfulness we all crave right now, and as a busy mum of two, hairstylist @rhiannon.abrahams knows that sometimes a little bit of time on yourself can make the world of difference. Always looking gorgeous for the ‘gram, we asked Rhiannon to share her fresh-faced makeup tutorial and some hacks especially for when we’re low on time.

What’s the hardest thing about getting ready in the morning? 
“Probably getting myself ready –  I always get the kids ready first, then I eat my toast in the car and grab a coffee once the kids are dropped off for care. My makeup is usually a rush job done in the car!”

What’s the best makeup hack you’ve learnt since becoming a mum? 
“Less is more! I love a CC cream over foundation, a quick contour and blush – it makes you look more lively no matter how tired you are hahah! And invest in a good massacra.”

What’s your ‘always on’ – the one thing you can’t go without, no matter the game plan for the day? 
“Moisturiser – hydrate before makeup always! And no matter what, I always have a lip balm with me. I also don't feel fresh until I have cleaned my skin in the morning, too.”

What do you cherish most about your makeup ritual, especially now in iso?
“The best feeling about doing my makeup is having that time alone. After I drop the kids off and get ready for work I honestly feel like it's time for me and time to make myself feel great whether it's a simple change in blush colour for the day or adding eyeliner instead of just mascara. It's funny how getting a tiny bit dolled up can make you feel! I have to admit I am struggling in iso – I'm sure we all are in certain ways – but I try to do the same thing everyday, I try to go out for a walk every morning to feel somewhat sane and stay in a routine so it still feels like a ‘week’ and day. I'm grateful to be healthy and be able to spend this time with my kids, that’s for sure, but SEND WINE ASAP Hahaha!”

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