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|21 Apr|6 mins

How To Write A Really Good To-do List with Matty J 

Number one: get dressed before lunchtime. 

Take a peak inside at-home life of former bachelor, Matty J! Hint: involves a tough routine of endless snacking, exercising in the backyard and daddy duties.

How are you feeling right now? 
I've got mixed emotions right now. I should be overseas filming the next season of the travel show I host, Luxury Escapes, but obviously that's been postponed due to Corona. In the blink of an eye I lost almost four months of work and whenever I dwell on that, I can't help but feel upset. But I know thousands of people are in a similar situation – many in a more unfortunate position than me. So far, 2020 has been a year that none of us wanted but I know that together we'll get through it. I can't wait for the massive party we can enjoy once this is all over. 

What are you listening to in #iso? 
“I feel like I'm a little late to the party here but I'm a big fan of Benee. She's only 20 and from NZ but insanely talented (I didn't mean that as a dig at kiwi's). Marlie-Mae absolutely loves dancing along to her songs so it's perfect to have on in the background. I also really like Rennie Adams – he's relatively unknown but does some beautiful acoustic covers on his Instagram. And obviously my podcast, The Babble. I know I might be a little bias but it's one of the most informative yet humorous pop culture podcasts out there. YOU SHOULD ALL DEFINITELY LISTEN TO IT!”

What's been the biggest surprise about all this home time? 
“How much I'm into TikTok! I used to be one of those people who'd say, 'I don't understand how it works!?' and 'why is everyone  obsessed with it?’, but now I'm totally on board and it all makes sense to me. 

“Also, how much we're now cooking. We used to order take away every other night but we're trying to cut down on our spending so we're now cooking almost every day. I really love sitting down to a home-cooked meal. It's the perfect way to end the day.”

Your top 3 working from home hacks? 
Brush your teeth and get dressed into an outfit you'd wear to work before lunch time – if you miss this deadline you feel like a real deadbeat.

“I've started growing a moustache. It's the first time I've had any serious hair on my top lip. It's all pretty exciting for me so it makes me feel like I've accomplished something before I've even sent an email.

“Write a 'to do' list. Even though on some days I don't have a huge amount of work to get through – having a clear outline of my completed tasks helps me feel organised and stay mentally focused (brushing your teeth, getting dressed and growing a moustache should always be top of your list).”

What's your tips for other parents at home? Any hacks? 
“Regardless of how Marlie-Mae slept, in the morning I like to tell Laura she woke up four to five times during the night. I pretend I had to be up with her for almost 20 minutes at a time but because I was up so quick to get out of bed Laura never woke up. This then gives me the perfect opportunity to ask for the morning off. Sometimes I also like to pretend that I have a recurring migraine that means I'm only able to be horizontal on the couch. Lastly, I can't recommend the The Wiggles enough – it's like crack for babies.” 

What do you love most about being at home?
“Without question, the best part about being at home is spending more time with Marlie-Mae (ignore my parenting hacks). I feel like I've had such a huge amount of quality time with her over the last few weeks – it's been the perfect silver lining in this whole situation.”

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