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The Iconic Edition
|6 Oct 2020|4 mins

9 Iconic Kenzo Moments We Keep Coming Back To

The Kenzo looks we will always love.

Kenzo Takada, the designer and founder of the KENZO, brought joy, always. He showed us what it was like to play, and knew how to have FUN (he even rode an elephant in one of his shows. Into a circus tent, no less). He mixed his prints, made sure his colours were bold and went to town when it came to florals. Takada retired from his fashion house in ’99 to walk the path of the artist, but we never stopped following his legacy. We lost the Japanese-born, Paris-based designer on Sunday, and on hearing the news, we took to the WWW to remember and celebrate all he brought us.

@fashionassistants – the account almost everyone on our creative team can identify with – posted old campaigns this morning with the tag, “RIP Kenzo. Adverts and RTW which didn’t give a damn.”

And that’s just it. His was a message of go your own way, find your own joy. Don't mind what anyone else is doing. Wear things that make you HAPPY.

He told Suzy Menkes – Editor at VOGUE International, among others – he wanted to make “happy clothes”. 

“That meant colourful, with a freedom for the woman’s body - and an international attitude way before his time,” she wrote on @suzymenkesvogue yesterday. “His collections captured an energy where shape and colour became together joyously.”

Below are just a few moments that brought on that classic Kenzo-made smile.

*Images with thanks to Getty Images

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