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The Iconic Edition
|6 Aug 2020|5 mins

Some of Our Friends Have Been Pretty Frank With Us

Sharing our Let’s Be Frank Fridays platform.

The first inhabitants of Australia and the estimated 274 surrounding islands boast culture that dates back thousands of years.  This UN’s World Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 9th August, we celebrate the oldest continuous civilisation on earth. 

Recently, some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends shared with us some things that they’d like us all to know. 

Why not watch some of our Let’s Be Frank Fridays IGTVs today...

Marlee Silva, Tiddas 4 Tiddas

Teela Reid, Heart 2 Heart & Blackfulla Bookclub

Jarin Baigen, Jarin Street Yoga

Oliva Williams, Blak Business

Eve White

For National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, Eve White read THE ICONIC Kids a story – Coming Home to Country. 

Kate Tregoning
Features Editor
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