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The Iconic Edition
|17 Nov 2020|4 mins

THE ICONIC Presents: Runway Everywhere

A runway should reflect our world and represent all of us. The runway is yours, so make it your own.

Respecting border restrictions and social distancing, THE ICONIC Summer Show 2020: “Runway Everywhere” harnesses fashion’s power to elevate, uplift and liberate, in a short film designed to entertain and inspire.

Guest starring social media comedy megastars, The Inspired Unemployed, alongside a diverse cast of leading models including Georgia Fowler, Charlee Fraser, Samantha Harris, Ellie Cole, Rheed McCraken, Thuba Ndibali, Weah Bangura and Nick Youngquest, ‘Runway Everywhere’ encourages everyone to make anywhere – from the supermarket aisles to your hallway – your runway this summer.

Be part of #THEICONICRunwayEverywhere

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