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|8 May 2018|3 mins

What Mum Really Wants for Mother's Day

Champagne, pampering, solo time or all of the above?

She’s been looking out for you since before you were born, she played medic whenever you got hurt, she was your personal chauffeur during your early years and head chef (maybe even still to this day). Being a parent is a full time job so treating your mum to something extra special this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th, is the least you could do. Will you spoil her with a gift, like whole new wardrobe, or simply spend some quality time together? It’s not easy to find the best way to say thanks for absolutely everything, so we asked some hard-working mumma bears what they really want this Mother’s Day.

Claire Tregoning from P.E Nation with her little ones.

“I really want to spend the whole day with my family, we are so busy and travel a lot. Having a day just the four of us at the beach would be bliss. Even if it’s a bit cold.” - Claire, Co-Founder and Creative Director of P.E. Nation.

“Homemade cards and a posh breakfast… and a day off from hearing the usual “Mum, I want…”, “Mum, can you get me…”, “Mum, I need…” etc.” - Louise, Talent Acquisition Specialist at THE ICONIC.

"A big, fat voucher from my favourite bookstore, and lengthy solo time to read my purchases. Preferably at some ridiculously tasty and overpriced restaurant with a view." - Mariela, Content Writer at THE ICONIC.

Carly & Sonny from @these.sonny.days

“This year I would love to be holding my two babies in my arms, but depending on when my littlest one feels it is time to welcome us earth side, I may just have to enjoy those kicks from the inside for a little longer. Breakfast in bed and sent off for a day of pampering would also be lovely.” - Carly, mamma blogger behind @these.sonny.days.

"A pampering session... massages, massages and more massages followed by a laughing, smiling, happy view of my giggly cookies at a picnic near one of our most amazing beaches." - Michelle, Head of Fulfillment Operations at THE ICONIC.

Jessica Smith with papa bear and bubs

"I would love an entire morning to myself! A long hot shower and a hot cup of coffee... with no interruptions!" - Jessica, Paralympian, Speaker, Author @jessicasmith27.

Kiri and kids

“To be woken up after a little sleep in and taken on a surprise adventure with the family, somewhere we haven’t been before.” - Kiri, creator of @bazaarmumma.

“I would love a breakfast with a view and an afternoon with my girls pampering.” - Alice, designer of Alice McCall.

"Just to be with the family for the whole day without having to race around and organise anything. Oh and a sleep in + a bottle of Veuve would be lovely too!" - Annisa, Senior Buyer at THE ICONIC.

Shona and her son, Tex

“My perfect mothers day would be a yummy home cooked breakfast followed by an early morning swim with kids.” - Shona, designer of Shona Joy.

“A wake-up with coffee, hand-made cards from my little ones and a massage voucher from husband. Then a long run in the morning, followed by a looooong boozy lunch with my girlfriends somewhere beautiful whilst hubby and kids clean the house and cook for the week to come.” - Riana, Marketing Analyst at THE ICONIC.

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