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|2 Mar|6 mins

Why reddit is Where Menswear Thrives

Whether it’s streetwear, sneakers or high fashion. 

It’s fair to say that over the past year or so, with various lockdown measures in place, some people have had a bit more time on their hands. This has meant that for many menswear aficionados, heading online to engage in discussions about all the fashion-related elements that make them tick was how they occupied their extra time. Online fashion-friendly hangouts have now become a go-to daily activity, and have developed into a rich breeding ground for sophisticated conversations about the latest trends, as well as providing a platform for the occasional ‘fit pic flex. So, where can you find these online communities for fashion-focused men? Well, reddit of course!


With 1.74 billion visits last year, we’re sure that many of you would have frequented, or at the very least visited, the self-described ‘front page of the Internet’. With countless off-shoots known as subreddits, the site houses small forums that act as niche online retreats that specialise in a slew of subcultures and topics. Within its deepest corners, a syndicate of guys that are into fashion are heavily involved in their own sect of subreddits.

The two top dogs in the game are r/malefashionadvice (boasting a whopping 2.9 million members) and r/streetwear (with a respectable 2.4 million). Both are blanket subreddits, which means they cover a broad range of topics that span a large portion of the menswear space. At any given point in time, thousands of people are online, waiting and ready to pounce on the next post! Other notable players in this space include r/malefashion, with over two-hundred thousand members, and r/styleboards for some aesthetic inspiration. 

Not all fashion-related subreddits are broad, so if you have a niche interest there’s a good chance you’ll find one that caters to your needs. If you’re a denim head, check out r/rawdenim. If watches are your thing, head to r/watches. Lovers of technical dressing frequent r/techwear, while sneakerheads unite in r/sneakers. Each acts as a hidey-hole for the cult-followed parts of the male clothing world.  

It seems like there’s a subreddit for just about anything and, within the men’s fashion scene, these online communities have been thriving for many years. The major players were actually formed during the mid-2000s, and remain as active today as they’ve ever been. 

Ultimately, the appeal of subreddits as a source of news, advice and conversations is the speed. Today’s Internet-dominated age sees things happen and change at a lighting pace, and with so many tapped into reddit, these groups are able to keep up in real time. Another appealing factor is the social aspect. If you actively engage in the discussion, the advice received and conversations that can be had are quite rewarding. The fact that you can create an anonymous post, and then receive feedback or trigger a dialogue with complete strangers that hold similar interests, is very appealing for many users. Especially when you consider that menswear and fashion can sometimes be an introverted hobby.      

Getting involved in a menswear subreddit is pretty effortless, and there are many ways to get involved. Whether it’s a WDYWT thread, flexing your latest pickup, or just asking for general advice, you’ll no doubt be engrossed into a rewarding conversation in no time!

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