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The Iconic Edition
|12 Nov 2021|6 mins

Your Sizzling Hot Summer Sound Solutions For 2021

We’ve outlined the best portable speakers for any budget. 
Home decorating advice portable turntable by CrosleyHome decorating advice portable turntable by Crosley

Look, if it’s going to be a hot vax summer, we’re obviously going to need to bring the beats. Whether you’re stretched out poolside, sunbathing in the gardens, or chilling at your digs, we’ve outlined the best portable bluetooth speakers for any occasion. All you need to do is bring the playlist! 

Ready to turn summer all the way up to 11? 

Crosley Bluetooth Portable Turntable

The vinyl music movement has quickly progressed from hipster subculture to mainstream hobby over the past decade, and vinyl addicts are now louder than ever. 

Bluetooth technology is making things a lot more expedient for those looking to explore vinyl, and there’s plenty of velvety smooth turntables out there. But the Crosley is still one of our go-tos. 

Taking the original Cruiser carapace, Crosley have installed bluetooth under the hood for a perfect marriage between vintage aesthetics and modern tech. Coming with in-built speakers, the lightweight, suitcase-style turntables are certainly suave, not to mention its three-speed design making it a definite statement option for summer. 

JBL Charge 4

One of the best portable speakers for an affordable price point, the ultra-durable JBL Charge 4 is perfect for any summer sojourn. Boasting 20 hours playtime, the speaker has enough grunt for even the most audacious playlists. It even comes loaded with a power bank to charge your mates’ phones or devices. 

Sturdy and reliable, you can throw the JBL Charge 4 in a picnic basket or backpack without any problems. Hell, it’s even waterproof if your entourage heads to the foreshore! 

GPO Westwood Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a throwback aesthetic that your grandpa would be proud of? 

Like a speaker offloaded by a roadie back in the 1970s, the GPO Westwood weighs in at a sturdy 1.8kg with 25W output. Rendered in an old-school cloth style grille with a carry handle, the Westwood also comes with bass, treble and volume control for those looking to curate their genres. 

Don’t be surprised if the ‘long-haired freaky people’ try and plug their Fenders into this bad boy.

Kreafunk aCube Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for something a little more subtle? The compact aCube is perfect for a studio apartment or kitchen space and this pocket rocket more than makes up for its small stature in sound fidelity. You can even pair two aCubes together to get some surround sound! 

Note: You’ll get an impressive 25 hours of playtime with the aCube. 

Sunnylife Neon Floating Summer Sounds

Need a soundtrack to your summer as you slowly sink hours into the pool or beach? The Neon Floating Summer Sounds is your new best friend. Illuminated by changing coloured lights for late-night dips, the bluetooth speaker is compatible with all your devices and includes a mini-USB charging cable. 

At a modest size, it won’t divert from any of the eye candy you plan on bringing poolside either. 

Typo LED Shower Speaker

It's time to take your shower singing to the next level with a brand new set of shower speakers.

Featuring bluetooth tech and waterproof materials, you can even take your morning calls in the shower (the shower speaker supports phone call functionality). A perfect travel companion (yes, that’s a thing again), the LED shower speaker is a versatile winner and comes in at a super cheap $29.95.

Free delivery over $50 and free returns.

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