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|2 Aug|3 mins

10 Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Anyone Addicted To Screen Time

Feel like you’re glued to technology? Us too. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love where technology has taken us – from keeping us entertained and socially connected when we feel alone to allowing us to shop the essentials safely from home – however, too much time online, especially after dark, can make you feel a little unwell. Straining your eyes, interrupting the flow of melatonin and disrupting circadian rhythm, too many late-night scroll sessions can leave you bleary-eyed and severely sleep deprived, as noted by sleep psychologist Doctor Michael J. Breus.

That’s where blue light blocking technology comes in. Emitted by digital screens, like that on your phone, tablet and laptop, blue light exposure can contribute to dry, blurry eyes, eye strain, headaches and fatigue. Light-filtering optics, like those created by Baxter Blue, The Book Club, Soda Shades and other leading eyewear brands, appear clear but feature blue light treatment which may help block that harmful light and ease those tired eye symptoms. 

Ideally, scheduling some much needed time away from screens is the best solution, but for the times you simply can't resist, here are 10 specs that might help make things easier for your eyes.

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