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|28 Aug|6 mins

2 Really Good Dad Jokes To Add To Your Collection

We check in with artist, skateboarder and dad, Sid Tapia.

In search of inspiration as to what to get Dad this year, we checked in with Sid Tapia, artist, ambassador, skateboarder, dad to two and one of the faces of this year's Father's Day campaign. Below, he shares some great Dad jokes to add to your collection, along with a little of what he is really after on 6 September.

Tell us a little about you - how do you spend your days?
"I spend my days close to my family,  painting murals, canvases and skateboarding."

What are you listening to?
I’ve had anything of Beirut’s on shuffle for some time and pretty much all artists from reach records. Oh and I’m an audio book junkie."

What inspires you? 
"I’m inspired by the beauty that is creation and it’s everywhere of course. I really appreciate the diversity and brilliance of people, young and old."

What does Father’s Dad normally look like for you? 
"Undies and socks. Haha. Nah, not really. It’s my lil' ones who have played a part with mum in giving me gifts and a card first thing of a morning followed by an epic day out."

Describe your ‘Dad style’ for us. What is your Dad uniform? 
"My dad style is very consistent that’s for sure ... Uppercut Deluxe for my seriously unruly hair, strictly adidas kick, RVCA threads and a G-shock around my wrist."

And how would your kids describe your style? 
"'Daddy has the greatest style that any dad could ever have, ever! Isn’t that right Mummy?' ... Mum, 'OK, sweetie go brush your teeth.'"

What are some of the best things about being a dad? 
"Being the funniest and greatest man alive...  to your kids and it probably doesn’t go any further than that."

What was the biggest surprise about being a dad? 
"I’m truly in awe every time I’m with my girls... they captivate and surprise me on a daily. Also it’s surprises me that by the grace of God I am actually supporting my family. If you knew me before marriage and kids, you’d be surprised too."

What’s on your list for this Father’s Day? 
"Love and family time."

Your favourite dad jokes? 
"One of my favourite subjects if you tune in to my insta stories... here’s two... 

"1. A friend of mine used to be obsessed with his bicycle. He would be out on it 10 times a day. He’s okay now, he just had to break the cycle."

"Two: fun fact: The first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France, they were cooked in grease."

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