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The Iconic Edition
|13 Aug 2020|6 mins

4 ICONIC Insiders On What It’s Like Working From Home 

From their wardrobe to their new work habits, we asked the team to share what’s changed for them since we’ve been WFH for the last few months.

Five months into working from home during this global pandemic, we’re counting ourselves lucky to be able to carry on with business as usual (or at least as close to BAU as we can) at THE ICONIC. We know there are uncertainties of working from home for many, so we thought we’d share how some of us are getting through it. With plans for our whole company to return to the office eventually, we asked a few team members to tell us what WFH has been like for them, what they’ve been missing from office-life most, and what new habits they’re hoping to take back upon returning to work. 

Fiona – Head of Creative Content & Social
Julie – Director Of eCommerce Production
Lana – Junior Buyer for Lifestyle Footwear
Tamaiya – Retouching Lead

On how their home workwear compares to when they were in the office…
Tamaiya: “My new work look now features chunky wool knits and track pants. I don’t think I could ever wear a tracksuit to the office – it would be nice but I do love dressing up at work, especially working at The Iconic. Lee Mathews is my go-to for the office, it’s my favourite label, beautiful quality, comfortable and timeless.”

Julie: “I do love dresses and/or denim with kitten pumps or boots at the office, but at home I’m usually in an oversized jumper and leggings – I recently bought these WONDERFUL soft Cotton On Super Soft Slim Fit Pants. They were so soft I bought them in all colours.” 

Fiona: “I am in mourning for great outfits during this new WFH era – I am rarely more dressed up than a pair of jeans and jumper (our apartment is cold) and I miss the days of big dresses and heels. As my world has shrunk and slowed down (minimal social meetings, no evenings out, no holidays etc) so too has my wardrobe. I am rotating fewer items than I usually would. I am not really wearing makeup either.”

Lana: “I recently bought a full-length leather coat… Where am I off to? The kitchen?? I love a suit, but it doesn’t feel right for me sitting in one at home. Now my WFH outfit is Champion EU Track Pants x Casablanca Sweatshirt x New Balance Sneakers – total comfort!.” 

On what a typical work day now looks like…
T: “WFH means no more makeup and public transport, YAY. Tracksuit on, fresh faced, zoom meetings, chats and a bit of retouching magic thrown into the mix. My ironing is almost non-existent now [that I WFH] so that’s a huge plus. I have a lot more time due to not wearing makeup everyday; it takes me a LONG time to put my face on. Work-wise not much has changed; I can still do everything I need to from home but I do miss seeing my work friends in the flesh.”

L: “Day starts with a walk to the kitchen for coffee, followed by many zoom meetings with my teammates and talking to my dog way too much.”

F: “The mornings are luxuriously slow compared to a pre-pandemic weekday, cutting the commute has meant extra time to have a long breakfast with my two-year-old and a bit of playtime. It is then filled with many Zoom calls – Zoom fatigue is real and I’ve not quite cracked the Zoom-to-work balance yet. I try to finish around 6pm. The goal at this point would be to do some exercise after being sat down all day but that rarely (read: never) happens – I did buy ankle weights in the first week of the pandemic to ‘exercise’, I wore them a few times while sitting at my desk (!!) and never again.” 

J: “My day starts with French press coffee, I do a quick tidy of my brows and follow a super hydrating skin care ritual (for that natural glow on zoom!), track pants on in the morning, a midday walk to get some fresh air and I try to finish work at the same time everyday, so I take the time to separate work space from home space. I think having the ‘extra time’ not getting ready for work is the only difference and I get to put in a load of washing!”

On how they’ve learnt to stay focused at home…
T: “I have lots of crystals surrounding my computer, keeping the positive energy high – I love sparkles and colour. I also have essential oils going day and night, they help me focus and keep me calm in stressful times. I also try to make sure the house is tidy before I start work – a messy house will always stress me out and make me lose focus.”

L: “I try to take screen breaks as if I were in the office – we would often take moments to walk and get a coffee or fresh air. It’s important to take breaks for both your mental and physical health, and not take on the WFH guilt, where you feel you have to be available 24 hours a day. You can very easily burn out this way. A clear mind is a focused mind!” 

F: “Honestly, I don’t have any specific tips, our days are so busy that there is no time to be distracted. We move from one topic or project to the next very fast. I am guilty of not taking enough screen breaks. THE ICONIC implemented a lunch break blockout company wide after a few weeks of working from home when it became apparent everyone was on Zoom for hours a day and I really try to make sure I take this time to move away from my laptop.”

J: “I try to take one big screen break over lunch and go outside for fresh air and sunshine (when we have it!). Also, a tidy house makes a tidy mind! I can't work with mess around me – it’s distracting. My home office setup gets lots of natural light, I have essential oils in my diffuser, lip balm …lots of lip balm, hand sanitiser, face mist and my 1L water bottle by my side.” 

On eventually returning to the office…
J: “The silver lining during such a challenging time is business’ ability to adapt quickly to the environment. I think returning to work will look very different in the future with health and safety at the forefront of our minds.” 

F: “I definitely miss that in-person interaction and creative flow that comes with working in the same room as the rest of the team. The few days I have gone into the office or I’ve been on set have felt so refreshing. As with anything in life, balance is a key, and I can see a merging of both the WFH and office worlds being a great solution. I’d like to remember the advantage of being flexible, not being in the office doesn’t mean you’re less productive.”

T: “The thought of that morning rush of getting the girls to school and then the rush to the office makes me feel tired hahaha. I’m showing my age!”

L: “I cannot wait, I miss interacting with my team and my brands, seeing new products – they are the best parts of my job!”

Eliza Concepcion
Fashion Editor
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