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|13 Oct|3 mins

4 Ways To Shake Up Your Summer Workouts

Skip your home gym session for once and work up a sweat outdoors.

In case you’re enjoying the freedom of being legally allowed to workout outdoors without a time limit (what a life we’ve lived) and you’re not 100% ready to return to the gym once they finally reopen, there’s plenty of ways to make exercise more exciting than just your usual run (or walk) around your neighbourhood. With restrictions set to ease, it’s time to make the most of sunny days and warmer weather with fun outdoor activities that also get your heart rate up – just don’t forget essential SPF sunscreen protection and drink plenty of water because things will heat up faster than you’re used to. 

Take it outside. 
Break free from your home/bedroom gym by simply taking your usual workout routine outside. Bring your weights, exercise bands, pilates ring and yoga mat to the beach (or even the backyard) and practice your asanas under the sun. 

Make it a social sport.
Since we’re all about going on picnics, why not channel your inner Ted Lasso with a friendly game of football with your mates at the park. And if soccer is not your style, there’s always badminton, volleyball or basketball... Not only do group sports make exercise more enjoyable but you’ll also be able to catch up on lost time with your buddies while you work off some of that extra cheese intake. 

Keep your cool in the water.
For anyone who doesn’t see the appeal in running around under the summer sun, taking up a water sport might be a better option. Surfing might look chill but it’s also a full body workout, standup paddle boarding will put your balance to the test and rowing will leave your upper body feeling ripped. 

Escape at last.
When you’re feeling adventurous, escape the 5km bubble you now know like the back of your hand and go on a hike to explore unfamiliar territory – even if you don’t quite make it to the peak of a mountain, at least attempt an extra long walk to discover a new cafe or coffee shop.

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