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|7 May 2019|4 mins

Hangover Cures That Might Actually Work

Thanks science.

As anyone who has had the displeasure of experiencing one, you’d know a hangover is not at the top of the list of ‘best ways to spend your time’.

Far from it, actually.

Your head throbs, your stomach heaves and the realisation that your dance moves last night were more of a Napoleon Dynamite impression than whatever you thought they were at the time.

Self care is the phrase hashtags are made of ... And it’s the way to see your way through your hangover.

Here’s some tried-and-tested go-to's to get better.

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Stock up on Vitamin B6
“A study published over 30 years ago found that people had fewer hangover symptoms if they took a total of 1,200 milligrams of vitamin B6 before, during, and just after drinking, writes Komaroff. He notes it was a small study and is, as yet, to be replicated, but still, it’s hope.  So, where can you get your dose of the good B? Banana. Or, make like Seinfeld and go to town on cereal. Most you’ll find are fortified with 25% of the DV for vitamin B6.

Carb load
Yes, you read that right. Make like The Rock and stock up on carbs. Chances are your blood sugars are low “so theoretically some of the fatigue and headaches of a hangover may be from a brain working without enough of its main fuel,” writes Dr Anthony L. Komaroff in Harvard Health. “Toast and juice is a way to gently nudge levels back to normal.”

Did someone say pizza? And yes, most of them open at 11.

Go to town on the water
Chances are, you’re super dehydrated. Upping your liquid count should be priority number one. The more water you can get in you, the better. If you’re struggling with the drink, mix it up with something a little sweeter.

Be like Beyoncé
Lemonade, or anything slightly sweet, is the key to key those blood sugars on the up.

Hit snooze one more time
There’s a reason ‘sleep it off’ is often the prescribed advice. You are sick and you need to give your body the time to recover from the paces you put it through.  Best of all, you can wake up when it’s over.

Prevention, we’re told, it is the best cure. But where’s the fun in that? In the meanwhile, binge on Netflix and treat yourself to a day in bed…

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