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The Iconic Edition
|27 Jul 2023|3 mins

Is The Bodysuit Overtaking Tights And Crops As Our Workout Uniform?

Exploring the pros of an all-in-one.

Workout bodysuits were once the go-to of aerobics instructors and Jane Fonda, until suddenly, they weren't. The fitness one-piece laid low for several decades… until now. 

Today, the all-in-one unitard has recently made a much cooler comeback than its retro iteration. Now they’re sleek, come in statement colours, soft neutrals and essential black, and stamped with your favourite fitness brand’s logo. 

Question is, will you wear one for your next gym sesh?

@zar.minnie via @cottononbody

It’s a big ask to get us to part with our workout favourites – sleek, smooth, stretchy, beloved tights – but the bodysuit has us considering an additional option for a few classes per week. 

Brands including P.E Nation, Cotton On Body Active, The Upside and more have created their own modern versions of the workout onesie. P.E Nation’s co-founder, Pip Edwards was an early adopter of the trend and remains a fan, posting selfies wearing the brand’s new releases on her Instagram. 


The one-piece is ideal for yoga, pilates, bootcamps, tennis… Come to think of it, we can’t think of an exercise you can’t do in a sporty, performance bodysuit. Even outdoor wear and ski staples are getting the all-in-one treatment.

So will we be adding them to our workout rotation? Here are some pros of our workout faves, tights and bodysuits…


  • Warm legs in the winter months
  • Stretchy and super comfortable
  • Smooth and streamlined on the legs if you’re on a bike or doing something with straps like reformer pilates 
  • They go with everything in your workout kit
  • You can keep some kit on for bathroom breaks
  • Same tights + swapping your top = instant new gym ’fit every time


  • Cool and contemporary
  • Only one item to think about so no need to hunt for the matching top
  • Streamlined as a dolphin
  • No more top riding up in downward dog
  • Can be layered with a loose sports tee or sweat-wicking performance top
  • Look great with an oversized athletics sweatshirt or a voluminous puffer
  • You feel like an energetic aerobics icon
  • Big ballet-core energy

We are yet to discover a con, so we’ll be adding at least one energy-maximising bodysuit to our black tights rotation. Cue workouts guaranteed to put a spring in our step. 

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Kate Tregoning
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