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|17 Feb 2020|3 mins

The Satisfaction of a Seasonal Wardrobe

Make like Milan and stow your summer wardrobe away.

Each season offers up a renewed opportunity to mix up your look. One of the easiest ways to do that is to separate your wardrobe into seasons and keep only that season to hand, carefully packing the rest away. 

That means putting your light sweaters and pants in an autumn pile, your heavier knits and slacks in a winter one and your shorts, tees and summer shirts in spring and summer boxes respectively. Not only does this push you to be more inventive and selective with what you buy and wear during those months but it also stops you over wearing your favourite items and keeps your rails clearer too.

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“Clearly separate your clothes” advises Brad Homes, former GQ fashion editor, now freelance men’s stylist. “Make sure each season has a balanced array of garments so you don’t need to dip into another box to make an outfit. Keep your colour palette simple so your items are interchangeable. Recycle, upcycle or donate anything that isn’t pulling its weight and ensure everything is clean and packed efficiently at the end of each season.”

Homes says that some of the most stylish men and women in the world adhere to this method of creating seasonal wardrobes. Not only does it enable you to be a more considerate shopper but it also keeps you on top of what is in – and what should be out of – your wardrobe.

“We all have that horrible tattered dress shirt that’s been hanging in the cupboard for years and that we have no intention of ever wearing again. Replace it with something wearable. Replace it with something fun,” he says.

Our picks for your autumn wardrobe.

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