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The Iconic Edition
|2 Feb|4 mins

Why Is Everyone Into Natural Wines Now?

We asked the guys bringing international drops to Australia. 

Founders of LoFi Wines and The Borough Box, James Audas and Tom Sheer realised their personal ambition “to bring into Australia some of the best, most inspiring wines from respectful growers and winemakers around the world.”

The pair’s Borough Box service gives access to six different and curated wines every month from some of the most renowned, revered and hard-to-find producers. “The wines are chosen not only through the unique access we have as importers but also through the lens of former sommeliers; balance, drinkability and excitement in the glass.”

It’s a subscription that feels like an experience. “Each box arrives with background info on each producer, beautifully wrapped with illustrations from illustrator Olivia Louella and delivered to your door free of charge.” You can also opt out of the subscription at any time without hassle should a box ever disappoint. 


What qualifies a wine as ‘natural’?
“Pinning the definition of natural wine is somewhat of a moving target, as the term has often been fast and loose in its application. For us, great wine is made in the vineyard. With that in mind, the first half of a wine's journey to become considered “natural” is in the vineyard itself. No use of herbicides, pesticides or any other man-made chemicals that may otherwise distort the expression of that piece of geology and the climate that accompanies it. Likewise in the cellar, a wine should be given room to express its provenance without distraction; no additions, filtration or fining (bar the use of sulphur as a preservative in small quantities).”


Why do you think there has been an increase in the popularity of natural wines in recent years?
“People have increasingly become more conscious of what goes in their mouth. First eggs, chicken...the origin of a coffee bean. Part of the growing interest in natural wine stems from this no doubt. But unlike poultry, wines have a unique ability to tell a far more detailed story of their origin and this converges with that interest in a rather exciting way.”

Why should we give The Borough Box a go? 
“We suspect THE ICONIC customers know quality when they see it. If you really want to get front row access to the most exciting wine selection out there at the moment then The Borough Box has something to offer. Rare, inspiring wines arriving to your door once a month isn’t a bad sight to come home to either.”


Have you seen an increase in business as people spend more time in their homes, ordering online?
“People miss their sensations being stimulated. Restaurants, cafes, art, music, food; If you can’t see the world you might as well try and bring it in.”

Where are some of the most interesting places your wines come from?
“The Loire Valley in France long ago stole our hearts. A hotbed of ambitious, down to earth winemakers eager to let their vineyard do the talking. Cellars deep in caves cut from the limestone bedrock, rolling hills of flourishing vineyards, close-planted vines that can only be worked by a horse; there’s endless beauty to discover over there. Burgenland in Austria is also totally fascinating, with its growing number of winemakers proving that there’s much reward behind varieties with long and confusing names to those willing to explore.”

Until we can hop on a plane and physically be in France or Italy again, we’ll be bringing them to our doorstep with the best international drops to share at home. As always, drink responsibly.

Sponsored content: this piece was created in collaboration with our friends at LoFi Wines.

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