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|31 Aug|6 mins

5 Beauty Serums Boosted With The Benefits Of Vitamin C

Is this the magic ingredient your beauty routine is missing?

Vitamin C – it’s the ingredient that has gained a lot of buzz in the beauty world and for good reason. This handy antioxidant is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to skincare and may assist in brightening uneven skin tone, fading hyperpigmentation, neutralising redness, and protecting the skin from free-radical damage. And the great news is, vitamin C sits perfectly within a skincare regime at any age. 

For best results, be on the lookout for vitamin C in its pure form, aka ascorbic acid, in the list of ingredients. Those prone to skin irritation may find it a little sensitising, but not to despair, there are plenty of derivative forms available that are friendlier to sensitive skin types. Below are our top 5 picks to boost any beauty routine with a dose of vitamin C. 

Best for: Fast results

If maximum results are what you’re after, the Triple A Skin Science 20% pure ascorbic acid formula is here to deliver. Its high concentration is the gold standard for fading dark spots and blocking the formation of new pigmentation, while the skin nourishing base of squalene and vitamin E helps to soothe and moisturise. Ascorbic acid is notoriously unstable, so airtight packaging like this is exactly what you want to look for to ensure you get maximum efficacy for longer.

Best for: Sensitive Skin
ENDOTA New Age - Super C Firming Serum

If you’ve had trouble with vitamin C serums before, don’t give up, you just might not have met the right one yet. Endota’s version contains encapsulated ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate which is one of the most stable derivatives out there. Suited to more sensitive skin types, it sits within a hydrating base which makes it a great one-and-done serum for both brightening and hydrating. While derivatives aren’t as potent, getting great skin isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so consistency is key.

Best for: On a budget
THE ORDINARY Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

Proving that effective cosmeceuticals need not always cost an arm and a leg, The Ordinary brings a no frills approach that still delivers great results. You can expect a little tingling from this product due to its high concentration of ascorbic acid, but it can be cocktailed with other products for more sensitive skin types. The light silicones feel smooth on the skin, but don’t always play well with water based serums, so allow other layers to dry before applying this serum.

Best for: Instant glow
ANTIPODES Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum *back in stock soon

After an instant glow up? Like some kind of sorcery in bottle form, Antipodes newest serum delivers instant illumination like no other. Literally liquid gold straight out of the bottle, it ensures a radiant complexion every day, while ingredients like Kakadu plum, Vinanza grape and kiwi protect and get to work on stubborn pigmentation. 100% natural origin and certified vegan.

Best for: Dull, dry skin
KORA ORGANICS Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum

Over recent years there’s been an explosion in probiotic infused skincare, and KORA Organics has gotten onboard with this serum. Not only does it contain a gentle derivative of vitamin C, ascorbyl glucoside, making it sensitive skin friendly, it’s also packed with probiotics and fermented extracts, which are great for balancing out the skin’s microbiome and promoting a healthy skin barrier. That means less dryness and irritation, and a smoother more radiant complexion.

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Rachel Jones
Writer @showmetheglow
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