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The Iconic Edition
|11 Aug 2021|3 mins

The Best Winter Skin Saviours To Get Your Hands On 

Thou must nourish, protect and hydrate. 

Chilly season is just past half-time and if there ever was a moment for itchy, dry skin to wreak havoc on your glow, it’s now. Harsh winds, sizzling showers, decrease in humidity and a co-dependent heater habit all rank pretty high in the skin dehydrating list (yet totally unavoidable unless you’re Wim Hoff). Don’t let your aversion to cold showers get in the way of you and your honey skin complexion, just a little seasonal switch up with your beauty regime can work wonders to nourish, protect and keep moisture levels in check. From shea butter to aloe vera, omegas and hyaluronic acid — we’ve gathered the top hydration heroes chock-full of the creamiest ingredients to boost your winter skin without a total overhaul on your beauty routine (or giving up those guilty cold weather pleasures that keep us sane!) Pick and mix or try the lot. And remember, don’t let your face have all the fun, we’ve got you covered from top to toe. 




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