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The Iconic Edition
|26 Oct|6 mins

Modibodi, The Original Period Underwear Brand, Has Landed At THE ICONIC 

There’s a new name in our underwear collection this month: meet Modibodi. 

Modibodi is Australia’s original period underwear brand with a range of reusable leak-proof styles designed to completely replace disposable pads and tampons so you can enjoy the comfy new way to period...without harming the planet. 

If you haven’t tried period underwear before, you’ve probably got questions (we did)...does it smell? Will it feel wet? Will it really hold my flow? (hint: no, no and yes). 

Read on for the flowdown, and hear first-hand from THE ICONIC insiders who ditched their disposables to road test and review Modibodi...just for you. 

“I’ve been a Modibodi period underwear convert for a few years now and couldn’t be happier they’re now available on THE ICONIC and part of our Considered edit. What I love most about Modibodi underwear is how cost effective and more sustainable they are compared to single-use pads and liners. The light-moderate absorbency styles are the perfect option for period cup backup and towards the last few days of my cycle when I’m not using a cup. The bamboo-blend fabric is incredibly soft and the absorbent section is barely noticeable – it honestly feels like I’m wearing regular underwear, and they’re way more comfortable than wearing a disposable pad or liner – no bunching or shifting out of place!”
-Eliza, Editor

“I loved the Classic Full Brief in light-moderate absorbency – this style provides great coverage which is perfect for overnight. The fabric is super soft on the body, I felt very secure wearing this style, and I would definitely purchase them again after trying. I also received the Vegan Full Briefs in heavy-overnight absorbency – this style has a thicker gusset and felt a bit more like wearing a nappy or pad. I personally don’t need that much protection but I would recommend it for anyone who does.”
-Becky Robertson, Category Admin Assistant

"I was skeptical about period undies for a while but these have changed my life! I tried the Modibodi Classic Full Brief for heavy overnight wear and they feel so comfortable just like normal undies. The padding fills the large part of the back so it feels secure to wear and no leakage. I will definitely buy more to have a set ready each month!"
-Annie So, Senior Graphic Designer

Turn your period green 
Consider this. Most pads and tampons are mostly made of plastic, and according to, the average woman uses 11,000 in her lifetime and fills a wheelie bin with menstrual waste every year, plus, a single disposable pad takes more than 500 years to break down in landfill. And there are BILLIONS of them out there. 

If you’re carting your cotton tote bag to the supermarket, separating your recycling and using a coffee keep-cup, it’s probably time to think about reducing your monthly menstrual waste too. 

The fact Modibodi looks and feels like your regular undies – but probably comfier – makes it a simple switch, and there’s a range of sizes, absorbencies and styles, including thongs, bikinis, full briefs, lace looks and boyshorts.  

But how does it work?
It’s actually pretty simple. Modibodi undies have a magical three-layered lining built into the gusset: 

  • The top layer is made from moisture wicking Merino wool so you always feel dry 
  • The middle microfibre layer absorbs fluid and locks it away, while fighting odour and bacteria 
  • The bottom waterproof layer protects your clothing from leaks

Do period undies smell? 
No they don’t, because the middle layer of the built-in lining where fluid is locked away is treated with anti-odour and antimicrobial technology which fights odour and the bacteria that causes it. 

Do they feel wet?
Nope, while you may feel blood drop or flow into the undies, the Merino wool top layer (or Polybrush in vegan styles) quickly draws moisture into the absorbent middle layer so the fabric against your skin stays nice and dry.

How will I know when to change them?
When the undies start to feel a bit ‘full’ or a touch damp at the edges, you know it’s time to change. Most Modibodi customers wear one pair all day then change when they get home, or when they go to bed. It won’t take long for you to get the hang of it.  

How do you wash them? 
It’s way easier than trying to get blood out of your ordinary knickers, that’s for sure. Because Modibodi are designed to be bled into (and the lining is black), all you need to do is rinse them in cold water when you take them off, chuck them in the washing machine on a cold cycle, then hang them to dry. Too easy.  

How many pairs do you need? 
To manage your whole period with Modibodi, we suggest 5 to 7 pairs in a range of absorbencies depending how often you want to wash. 

How do you know which style to choose? 
You know your flow so we can’t tell you exactly, but here’s a quick guide to which Modibodi absorbency is for what...and when. 

Super-Light is your go to for drips, spotting and sweat. 

Light-Moderate (absorbs 2 tampons) is a popular pick for the latter half of your period, or for protection from sneaky pee leaks when you jump, sneeze or lift. 

Moderate-Heavy (absorbs 3 tampons) is the most popular absorbency and a great place to start if you’re not sure. Many Modibodi fans say one pair of these sees them through the whole work day.   

Heavy-Overnight (absorbs 4 tampons) is your friend for, you guessed it, heavy periods or overnight, thanks to its extended lining which runs up to the back waistband for extra back-up. 

Maxi-24hrs (absorbs 10 tampons) is Modibodi’s ultra-absorbent best-seller with a lining from front to back. If heavy periods are messing with your life (or your clean sheets), then this baby’s for you. 

Moisture Wicking isn’t for periods but is a lifesaver to absorb sweat and light discharge during workouts, warm weather or every day.

So, before you toss another pack of pads or tampons into your basket, why not give Modibodi a try and help change the planet, one pair of undies at a time? 

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*Some products in this article were gifted, with thanks to Modibodi.

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