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|26 Nov 2021|4 mins

Scents That Say Summer Is Here

You can’t go wrong with these warm-weather fragrances.

The hint of a breezy scent on a hot summer's day has the power to make you feel like you just stepped off a cruise ship and onto a tropical island. Doesn’t that sound like a dream! The right perfume lifts your mood and helps you feel good throughout the day. 

With the warmer months well and truly here, we’ve enlisted our friend Sarah Tarca, beauty journalist and Co-Founder of Australia’s first premium beauty newsletter, @gloss.etc, to help us gather our edit of the fresh scents to opt for this summer. 

“Scents get fresh in summer with notes like citrus (think: lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin), crisp florals and green or watery notes”, says Sarah. “The vibe is lighter (we don’t want a heady fragrance mid-summer) so it’s nice to switch to lighter variants which means EDT’s or colognes over EDP’s. Fragrances also behave differently in summer, the top notes wearing off even faster, so if you’re after longevity consider a perfume oil or solid, or use a matching body cream to amplify the scent.” 

Here’s our list of our favourite scents for the season. 


Crisp and clean, citrus notes like lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin are a summertime treat for the body. Tangy citrus notes are a lovely option for an afternoon at a BBQ or picnic.  

Our pick: AYU RUMI Perfume Oil

Crisp florals 

Florals are always a favourite and come summertime, there is nothing like a lush floral scent to take you through the day. Think notes of Roses, lilies and posies. Adorn yourself with florals…your summer romance awaits! 

Our pick: Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh


Indulging in a luscious fragrance with aquatic notes is like transporting yourselves to the shores of the Sicilian coastline. Sweet watery notes are the ultimate beach to bar scent. 

Our pick: Davidoff Cool Water Woman

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Angela Khoudair
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