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|28 Oct|5 mins

The Summer Grooming Essentials You Need To Know About

Get your sun safe glow on.
mens grooming essentials for summer 2021 2022mens grooming essentials for summer 2021 2022

Rule number 1 when dealing with the harsh Australian sun should be that protection is key. The weather and the Australian heat isn't to be messed with, and as much as it's tempting to hit the beach in search of the darkest tan possible, the fact remains that, as with many things, balance is key. But we're all going to be getting out and about this summer, and as such, we're going to want to be putting our best faces forward. And doing so in a sun-safe manner is easier than ever before, meaning you can get your summer glow on while maintaining the SPF you need to avoid health problems down the line. Here are some of our essential tips.


Invest in a sunscreen for your face

Sunscreen is the absolute golden essential for all outdoor activities, regardless of whether it’s the peak of summer or dead of winter, but for far too long we've been accustomed to clogging our pores with body-specific sunscreen that, really, is far too heavy for your face. Thankfully, there are more and more gentle sunscreens and serums out there that not only protect your skin like a normal sunscreen, but are lightweight enough to let your skin breathe, and deliver anti-ageing and moisturising ingredients to your face like a daily moisturiser.


Don't be afraid to supplement your tan

We get it – there are social pressures involved with making sure you emerge from the warmer months with a golden beachy glow. But doing so puts you at risk of sunburn, premature ageing, and even cancer. Topical tanning products i.e. self tanner, have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning you can attain that sun-kissed look with a natural-looking fake tan while enjoying time in the sun properly protected.


An after-sun hack you won't want to forget about

Anyone who has succumbed to sunburn will know the feeling of slathering on aloe vera gel, and how much it generally makes you feel even more gross. Our alternative? Aftershave gel. Formulated to help soothe facial skin affected by razor burn, it contains the same kind of cooling ingredients that help take the redness and the sting out of sunburn, while being more lightweight and easily applicable. Invest in a bottle if your sun, neck or shoulders have caught the worst of the UVB, and your soothed skin will thank you.

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