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The Iconic Edition
|26 May 2020|4 mins

We’re Doing Better For The Planet With 100% Recycled Satchels

You asked, we listened.

You’ve asked us for a better alternative for our shipping satchels, and we've been hard at work on a solution that reflects our values. As an online retailer, it’s crucial your order arrives in great condition, and at the same time, we endeavor to have the lightest environmental footprint possible. Exciting news, we’ve found one! 

From today we’re transitioning to more sustainable satchels.

How are the satchels more sustainable?
From today, orders sent from our warehouse will be packaged in a satchel made of 100% post-consumer plastic waste – recycled plastic that has had a previous life and can be recycled again. Even better? They’re certified by the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Products Standard to verify their recycled content and ensure they meet specific social and environmental criteria. 

Why are the new satchels white?
It was important for us to achieve 100% recycled content in our new satchels which wasn’t easy in our usual black design. So we’ve made the switch to white satchels! It’s a bold move, but it’s a testament to our sustainability commitments.

So will my next order come in a recycled satchel?
For all orders delivered by THE ICONIC, yes! However, since we are committed to avoiding unnecessary waste, orders delivered by our partners will arrive in the remaining black satchels until the end of the year. The transition to our new white packaging will take a few months. So don’t worry, it’s still us!

Are the new satchels still recyclable?
Yes! Despite our outfit change and being made from recycled content, the satchels are still recyclable in Australia via the REDcycle program and other soft plastics bins available at major supermarkets. Find your nearest location at 

Want more? We dispel the do’s and don’ts of recycling our packaging here, plus our packaging journey and other FAQs here

These small changes are part of a larger collective shift. Find out more about THE ICONIC’s Sustainability strategy here. 

Leah Teperski
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