Defining the Future of Shopping

As the leading online fashion and lifestyle retailer in Australia and New Zealand, THE ICONIC exists to define the future of retail. 

We are a bunch of style-savvy, creative, and forward-thinking individuals with a dream in order to create a better shopping experience for you; maybe one you haven't even imagined yet.

Since launching in 2011, we have empowered our customers by building seamless customer experiences and boundless technical innovations to allow you to access unrivalled product ranges, with personalised inspiration. For us, our assortment across fashion, sport, beauty to home are transformative means by which everyone can express their true self.

At THE ICONIC, we are not afraid to supersede the status quo and innovate. We believe that the best cultures are fun, infectious, electric, ambitious and tenacious.

As a brand we are curious, committed, gregarious, connected, progressive and pragmatic. And the outcome of all that - a daily mission to make shopping a dream for you.