Branding Guidelines

We want to make it easy for our affiliates and brand partners to integrate THE ICONIC in their asset creation, including our logo, typography, and colours, while respecting our brand requirements.

Use THE ICONIC logo as it has been provided. Keep in mind that the logo is carefully rendered artwork and any alteration of the logo, apart from proportional scaling, is considered misuse.

When referring to THE ICONIC in writing, THE ICONIC should always be written in all caps with a space between the two words to reflect the logo. Some uses of the name, for example, 'Are you an ICONIC customer?', do not allow for 'THE' to make sense - only in these uses can 'THE' be dropped.


Our typography reflects our brand personality and helps us express who we are.

Our primary typeface for printed and digital materials is Proxima Nova, a clean, modern and geometric sans serif that provides a range of expression, from functional to bold and expressive.

Its open, circular forms give it a friendly appearance, especially in the lowercase. It works well with screens and the full Proxima Nova family offers great flexibility through simple changes in weight, style and scale.

Our secondary typeface is Linotype Didot, a classic and elegant serif that allows for a more premium expression in the world of fashion.

Watch this space for more to come, including eCommerce guidelines, brand colour palette and UX guidelines.