Community Standards & Participation Guidelines

Guidelines which THE ICONIC will uphold and expect all participants in our communities to abide by across all THE ICONIC’s interactive accounts, including social accounts and editorial on Edition. 

THE ICONIC encourages our followers to join the conversation, discuss the content we publish and what’s going on in the world around us. Our aim is to ensure our platforms are safe and inclusive. 

Community Standards

We expect all participants engaging with THE ICONIC’s community areas to abide by the following guidelines, all of which directly inform our approach to community moderation (detailed below).

1. We encourage debate, but personal attacks (against authors, talent featured or other users), persistent trolling and abuse will not be tolerated. 

2. We accept criticism of the points expressed by THE ICONIC and its writers and channels, but we reserve the right to judge between considered argument and defamatory comments.

3. Offensive or intimidating comments or posts may be removed at our discretion and without notice. Moderation decisions will also be informed by the context in which comments are made.

4. We ask followers to consider the effect of their words and discuss in a considerate and tolerant manner. Threatening or divisive content will not be tolerated. 

5. We take a zero-tolerance stance on hate speech of all kinds, including, but not exclusive to homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism. We encourage you to report any of the above to the platform on which it is posted, for example, Facebook.

6. Spam,or external advertising in any form will be removed. 

7. We reserve the right to remove comments which derail the conversation, at our discretion. 

8. Any content deemed to be in breach of the law will be removed and reported to the relevant platform and/or government authority. 

Please note: The views expressed in community areas of our website and social accounts do not necessarily represent the views of THE ICONIC, its staff or contributors.

Our Moderation Approach

Participants who seriously or persistently contradict THE ICONIC’s Community Standards & Participation Guidelines may be removed from all or any of THE ICONIC channels or platforms.

THE ICONIC reserves the right to moderate its platforms in line with our company’s inclusive values to ensure all users are provided an engaging and participative experience that is  secure, safe and unthreatening.

Comments or posts deemed unacceptable or in breach of THE ICONIC’s Community Standards & Guidelines will be removed at any time and without notice. THE ICONIC will never otherwise edit or alter user posts.

Our Moderation ApproachOur Moderation Approach

We reserve the right to take steps or implement measures which we hope will benefit the whole community of the THE ICONIC community participants.

THE ICONIC’s Community Standards & Participation Guidelines are a collaborative document, created by representatives of THE ICONIC Editorial team including the Head of Creative Content, Head of PR, Social Media Manager and Edition editors, and based on current interaction with our platforms.