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|5 Jun 2020|5 mins

5 Plants You Can Regrow From Food Scraps

Take your plant parenting up a notch and start sprouting.

If you’re looking to add a little more greenery around the house but you’re not quite ready to fork out for something that may or may not survive at the hand of your novice greenthumb, consider saving your food scraps and try your luck at regrowing them. Not only is it more affordable than buying new, easy to do (even the kids can get involved) and an excellent way to reduce waste, it might eventually end up saving you your next trip to the grocery store. Here are some of our favourite food scraps to regrow.

Illustration by Ella Thrupp

1. Avocados
Next time you make avo toast or homemade guac, save your avocado pit and grow your own little* tree. Simply suspend the pit in a small jar of water (tip: use toothpicks to keep it balanced), place in a sunlit area and watch this little baby split open and start to grow. *Emphasis on little because it does take years for these babies to grow, however if you’re just after a couple of leaves to brighten your windowsill, an avo sapling is a low-maintenance option.

2. Basil
If you love adding fresh basil to your pasta and pizzas, keep a few sprigs in a glass jar of water and you’ll have an endless supply of this aromatic herb in no time. Simply strip the leaves so that 75% of the stem is bare, cut the edge with a sharp knife and keep submerged in water. Place your new plant in a warm sunny spot, change the water regularly and watch little roots appear. Once they’re about 5cm long, transfer your little sprouts to a small pot with soil.

3. Carrot Greens
Yup, the leafy green tops of carrots aren’t just a burst of fun colour, they’re actually edible too. Save your next bunch of carrot greens by placing the top of the carrot in a shallow bowl of water so that the top is halfway submerged. Like your little avo and basil babies, place in a sunny window spot and change the water regularly. Once shoots start to sprout, find a nice bed to plant them in.

@planty_tango via Instagram

4. Mushrooms
Kids might not like eating them but they will enjoy watching their own little fairy castles grow. Next time you make pizza, only use the caps and plant the stalks in soil. Cover everything but the very top of the stalks and keep things moist for optimal growth.

5. Onions
Whether you’ve got scallions or bulbs, growing onions from scraps is really easy and rewarding. For scallions, simply save the bottom third of the stems by placing in a glass jar of water. New growth will appear in days and you can just snip off whatever you need for cooking. To regrow bulbs, dry the lower third of the base (where the roots grow) until the cut surface starts to curl or shrivel. Then plant your onion in moist soil and watch new green shoots appear.

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Fashion Editor
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