As an online retailer, packaging is even more important to THE ICONIC and our operations. With thousands of parcels posted each day, we want to ensure every order arrives in great condition and at the same time, minimise its environmental impact. As a testament to this commitment, THE ICONIC set five sustainable packaging targets to meet by 2022.

Our 2022 Sustainable Packaging Targets:

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of THE ICONIC’s shipping packaging made of recycled content

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of THE ICONIC’s private label primary packaging materials will be fully recyclable in Australia

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of THE ICONIC’s private label paper and cardboard packaging will be made from verified recycled pulp

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of our private label will have on-package communication about their sustainability or recyclability

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or more of THE ICONIC’s private label poly bags made of recycled plastic

We’re doing better for the planet

Many of you have asked us for a better alternative for our shipping satchels, and we've been hard at work on a solution that reflects our sustainability values. Exciting news, we’ve found one! As of May 2020 we’vetransitioned to more sustainable satchels. This means your next order sent by THE ICONIC will be delivered in a satchel made of 100% post-consumer plastic waste – recycled plastic that has had a previous life and can be recycled again. These satchels are certified by the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Products Standard to verify their recycled content and ensure they meet specific social and environmental criteria.

It was important for us to achieve 100% recycled content in our new satchels which wasn’t easy to do in our brand’s signature black. So we've made the switch to white satchels. It’s a bold move, but it’s a testament to our sustainability commitments. In the same way, because we are committed to avoiding unnecessary waste, our transition from our former black packaging to new white packaging will take a few months. So don’t worry, it’s still us.

Is THE ICONIC'S Packaging Recyclable?

Yes! The vast majority of THE ICONIC’s packaging is recyclable and we agree, we have a collective responsibility when it comes to disposing of packaging. We know recycling can be confusing, especially with what you can and can’t recycle at home. That’s why we created this easy ‘How-To’ guide for recycling at home...

Is THE ICONIC'S Packaging Recyclable?Is THE ICONIC'S Packaging Recyclable?

Soft Plastics

THE ICONIC’s new white satchels are now made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste which you can recycle (again). You may still see some orders packed in our black satchels while we make this transition – these are recyclable too! The transparent garment bags which we wrap individual items in are also recyclable. While most councils don’t collect these soft plastics from your home, you can take them to your local REDcycle collection bin. Find your nearest drop-off point here. Tip: the bins are available at most major supermarkets Australia-wide. This way, REDcycle can turn these plastics into new products such as benches, outdoor furniture and TonerPlas – a more sustainable asphalt component.

What if I’m in New Zealand?

The soft-plastic recycling program has a smaller coverage in New Zealand. However, there are local initiatives available so be sure to look out for the closest soft-plastics recycling collection point near you.

Soft PlasticsSoft Plastics

Cardboard & Paper

You might have noticed we deliver a few of your packages in cardboard boxes. These boxes are made of up to 65% recycled paper which you can recycle again at home in your dedicated paper recycling bin. Make sure you flatten them first so they can be picked up in the cardboard recycling stream! You can also place the tissue paper that comes with some of these items in the same bin for council pick-up.

Cardboard & PaperCardboard & Paper


We know that sometimes your purchase isn’t quite right. It happens! You can return unwanted items to THE ICONIC – for a refund, store credit or opt for an exchange – using the same bag or box you received your items in. In fact, THE ICONIC satchel is made with a double seal so you can reuse it. Simply tear along the line when opening your satchel to preserve the second seal. After we process your return at our Fulfilment Centre, we ensure packaging is properly recovered. Tip: be mindful of how much sticky tape you use to attach your returns label. The less you use, the better! 


Why does THE ICONIC use plastic packaging?

Every item on THE ICONIC – whether it’s an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or accessory – requires natural resources to produce it. For example, the energy used for manufacturing, water used to dye, or fuel for transportation. When these products are in transit to us or you, or even at our warehouse, they are at risk of getting dusty, wet, or damaged. That’s why packaging plays an essential product-protection role in ensuring that your item arrives in pristine condition. This way, your new purchase can have a long life in your wardrobe (and someone else’s, after you decide to pass it on) and warrant the original investment of natural resources in production. The cost of not protecting these items can be more detrimental than if they weren’t packaged sufficiently.

Tell me about the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Since 2018, THE ICONIC has been a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). To align with this framework, we are working on packaging sustainability holistically: our in-house Sustainability Team developed a dedicated packaging strategy, reviewed over 80% of the packaging we are directly responsible for, and developed THE ICONIC Supplier Sustainable Packaging Guidelines and Private Label Sustainable Packaging Requirements to tackle our non-customer facing packaging strategy. This is a huge milestone for us on our journey towards meeting our 2022 Sustainable Packaging Targets noted above. You can discover more about our packaging progress by accessing our most recent APCO Annual Report and Action Plan here.

What about compostable packaging?

In THE ICONIC’s search for a more sustainable alternative, our Sustainability Team and Packaging Working Group investigated multiple materials and even tested a home-compostable satchel. Despite being one of our best performers, most customers in Australia and New Zealand don’t have access to composting at home nor access to commercial compost services. It means packaging would likely end up in landfill or in the soft-plastics recycling stream, compromising its potential for recycling. That’s why we landed on our 100% recycled post-consumer plastic satchels. Stay tuned for our next packaging update!