Reusable Bags

Take steps towards minimising single-use plastics in and around your home with a range of reusable bags available at THE ICONIC. Whether you want a suite of reusable market totes to help with the weekly shop, or clever storage solutions for leftovers and loose ingredients, THE ICONIC Home is the perfect place to shop for food storage and reusable bags online.

While those supermarket-branded reusable bags certainly get the job done, there’s definitely room for improvement in the style stakes. Enter lifestyle brands like Ever Eco and Seed & Sprout, whose range of food storage bags strikes the perfect balance between minimalist style and maximum function. Crafted from more considered materials like organic cotton canvas and cotton mesh, these reusable bags are the perfect companion to your grocery shop or trip to the farmers markets. With a range of sizes and shapes to suit everything from fruit and vegetables to loose dry goods like spices, nuts and legumes, there’s no reason not to buy into the reusable bag ethos.

Whether you’re an avid meal prepper or simply looking to prolong the life of your produce, reusable food pouches are the perfect solution. Brands like Porter offer a range of sleek silicone food pouches in a range of sizes and colours, making it easy to do away with single-use sandwich and freezer bags. Store leftovers without having to transfer into a new container with the help of Seed & Sprout’s stretch silicone lids, which are able to stretch over your existing bowls, dishes or containers to lock in freshness.

Browse an ever-growing assortment of food storage containers and reusable bags online at THE ICONIC, and enjoy the option of free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.