Collagen Supplements

Boost your beauty and wellness routine with the addition of a collagen supplement. THE ICONIC’s curated range of collagen supplements can help to combat the signs of ageing while supporting healthier skin, hair and nails, making it a holy grail beauty supplement on the shelves of wellness devotees everywhere.

As the most prominent form of protein in our body, collagen is key in skin support as it’s what makes up the connective tissue that keeps skin functioning and feeling its best. While our bodies naturally produce collagen, our capacity naturally decreases as we age - this is often associated with the first visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and less-plump skin. To support the body’s natural collagen production, adding a collagen supplement to your regime can be a great place to start.

THE ICONIC’s range of collagen powders and supplements includes leading wellness brands like Kissed Earth, Beauty Boosters and The Base Body Co. Vida Glow’s beloved Marine Collagen formula harnesses the power of marine collagen in a hydrolysed peptide powder to help maximise absorption. Naturally flavoured with a range of deliciously fruity options, Vida Glow is a great option for those looking to help boost their body’s collagen production.

For a supplement that can help to plump the complexion, usher healthier hair and nails, and support your body’s natural collagen production, look no further than the ever-expanding range of collagen supplements curated online at THE ICONIC.