Night Cream

No skincare regime is complete without a reliable night cream. Home to a variety of products specially designed to hydrate, replenish and repair the skin while you sleep, THE ICONIC’s range of night creams will ensure you find the right formula to suit your complexion.

An important step in any discerning skincare regime, night creams are formulated to provide overnight hydration, smooth texture and support your skin’s protective barrier while your body slips into renewal mode. Differing from its daytime counterpart, night cream boasts a thicker consistency for more intense hydration and the stimulation of cell renewal. To be used following regular cleansing and the optional application of a serum, night cream acts as a nocturnal barrier in support of your skin’s natural protection, working to mitigate skin pollution without clogging the pores.

Peptide and Co-Enzyme Q10 formulas have been shown to smooth and soften the appearance of fine lines, ageing and scarring, while humectants like hyaluronic acid have the potential to promote hydration in the cutaneous layer.

With brands like Elizabeth Arden, Inika Organic and QED Skincare standing at the forefront of THE ICONIC’s range, you can be sure to find a night cream that’s tailored to you or your loved ones complexion or beauty needs.