Superfoods & Supplements

While religiously consuming sliced avo on toast looks like a well-invested wellness routine, superfoods and supplements are a non-negotiable add-on to any lean and green diet. Forming the foundation in added nutritional value, superfoods and supplements are designed to help alleviate digestive concerns and deficiencies while uplifting day-to-day mood and energy, putting a proverbial ‘spring’ in your step from the inside-out.

Evolving out of a once-niche competition-grade market, today superfoods and supplements can be suited to vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, non-genetically modified, preservative-free and more dietary requirements. For fair-trade organic proteins like hemp and whey isolate, look to Inca Organics and their breakdown of unflavoured cacao and coconut powders primed for day-to-day nutritional protein supplementation; while protein prowess The Healthy Chef aptly whips up pea protein isolate into sustained nutritional and digestive support ready for a smoothie or shake.

Beauty-based brands such as Vida Glow have radiated the market since 2014 with hydrolyzed peptide marine collagen powders, found in flavours picked straight off the vine to stimulate and strengthen the growth of hair, nails and skin, while the duo at The Goodnight Co. hold down the fort with immune-boosting elixirs and menopause-mediating oils.

And while we’re not trawling the forest floor for our next fairy-like glow, the superfood heroes at SuperFeast curate a sumptuous selection of medicinal mushrooms in powder form to enhance brain cognition and nervous system functioning, making mycelium matter.

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