Face Rollers & Gua Sha

Face rollers and Gua Sha are the age-old, time-honoured massaging tools, now of the moment, that capture and enhance natural beauty as reflected in their natural form.

Rose quartz and jade are two traditional stones garnered for their well-being properties, often linked to wellness and spiritual practices which interlink both body and mind, with a focus specifically on relieving energy and tension held in the face.

Whether waking up in the morning to find yourself with unwanted baggage under-eye, or seeking to help remedy more specific concerns afflicting your lymphatic system, face rollers and Gua Sha hold regenerative vibrations as part of the earth's geology which add to the gentle massaging sensation to improve circulation by eroding built-up fascia under the skin and minimising fluid retention.

For everyday use, our go-to application of serums and oils involves face rollers and Gua Sha, gently working your way from the centre of the face, carefully caressing under the eyes, and outwards to the ears. Ensure you cleanse your precious stones after use, and always handle with care to avoid breakage.

With an ever-expanding set of face rollers and Gua Sha being reintroduced to our modern beauty rituals, start simple and find out for yourself why we’ve taken on Mother Nature’s metier. Shipping free and fast from THE ICONIC to Australia and New Zealand, 365 days a year.

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