Get a taste of the best life with Afends. Strongly influenced by the free, expressive melting pot that is Byron Bay, Afends has stayed true to its coastal roots and put it’s home turf on the global fashion map. The self-described ‘lifestyle driven clothing brand’ shines with authentic surf and skate heritage, each piece an edgy blend of cultural influences from music, art and fashion—both locally and further afield.

Officially starting in 2006, its founders Declan Wise and Jono Salfield had experience in screen printing shirts for local bands, a craft they decide to push a step further. Little did they realise what would happen from there. In the brand’s short history, they have taken their home turf advantage and cracked the international market with no signs of slowing down. United by a shared passion, they want nothing more than to bring the essence of their lifestyle to others. In the process, the brand has evolved alongside them, while never straying from their firmly grounded roots and the brand ethos of “Question Everything”—a reminder that we as individuals should seek answers below face value.

Whether rocking a helmet and skate shoes, cruising barefoot with salty hair, or dressing up for a night on the town, Afends makes menswear that is effortlessly cool. Designing a full range of frothable streetwear, from apparel to accessories and everything in between, the brand consistently delivers items to suit any casual rotation and skate/surf appropriate wardrobe. Distinctive prints and nonchalant distressed detailing are the Afends signature touches, with the graphic brand logo splashed across shirt fronts for an eye-catching statement. Working with a versatile palette of classic neutrals, the designs seamlessly meld in with the rest of your wardrobe, making for pieces you’ll wear for seasons to come.

Thoughtfully produced using high quality, sustainable materials and responsibly operated factories, Afends understands its duty as a fashion label when it comes to their impact. From the local to the global community, Afends demonstrates, through their strong brand identity and ethos, what their ideals and values are, knowing that they will resonate with those who choose to wear their clothes.

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