Derma Rollers

When we think of our skincare, we think superficial application creates an everlasting, ever-improving effect on our fine lines, redness, uneven skin tone and scarring. But to deepen the penetration of our serums and night creams for serious skincare and repair, we’re reaching for the latest in derma rollers.

Dermatology is not some surface-level business, but considers the mechanisms behind our unique skin’s behaviour as it reaches the deeper, regenerative layers of the skin to help improve the appearance (and health) of our outermost surface, while encouraging the full effect of our daily application of products.

Reminiscent of the well-mentioned yet not-so-serious anecdote, ‘beauty is pain!’, derma rollers are a functional, handy tool for any well-versed skincare aficionado and we attest; there is nothing to be afraid of!

Microneedling invokes 'micro-wounds' to the skin which stimulate a healthy concoction of blood flow, collagen and elastin production and if required, hair follicle growth (when applied over the scalp), with the varying lengths of microneedles serving stubborn to the most supple of skin types for both women and men. As a guide, carry out your derma rolling 2 to 3 times per week for noticeable results without stressing the skin, and ensure your microneedle head is sterile before each use to minimise bacteria.

Stay up to date on the latest skin-tech care with our range of derma rollers, with year-round shipping fast and free from THE ICONIC to Australia and New Zealand.