Founded in 1995, Crumpler was born from the desire to find a bag that would let founder, Stuart cycle home with a slab of beer on his back. Three friends utilised their skills and creativity to find a company that continues to make stylish, practical and long-lasting bags that serve their function well.

Crumpler’s first messenger bag was produced with the sewing machine of Crumpler’s grandmother. He picked the best fabrications he could find – think truck tarpaulin canvas, wetsuit thread, seatbelts for straps and deep-sea diving buckles – to form the prototype.  Not long later, Stu found work as a bicycle messenger for a local courier company, Minuteman. The owners saw his bag and ordered twenty for their team. With positive responses from both the riders and the public, Minuteman sold their company and founded the Crumpler brand over a beer at the pub.

The brand was renowned as a creative travel brand through its series of irreverent campaigns, including the ‘Beer for Bags’ promotion which saw the company barter bags for beers, bottles of spirits and bags of limes. This combined with word of mouth about the quality and functionality of the bags firmly established the brand in Melbourne and beyond.

Dragged, dropped, thrown and zipped so the brand can guarantee their products for life, your Crumpler bag will stand the test of time. If your bag fails as a result of defective materials or workmanship under normal use, Crumpler will repair or replace your bag – no questions asked.