Florence Broadhurst

No one has coloured Australia’s creative landscape quite like Florence Broadhurst. The Florence Broadhurst accessories collection is inspired by her instantly recognisable wallpaper prints. With reinterpretations of signature patterns hand-picked by the archive’s custodians, the collection explores the designer’s affinity for colour and line in a bold and exciting new realm.

Charismatic and fearless, Broadhurst’s story spans decades – between spending the Roaring Twenties singing in the colonial Far East, establishing a finishing school in Shanghai and building an inimitable reputation as couturier to France’s most rich and famous, Broadhurst mastered the art of reinvention time and time again. Upon returning to Sydney at the age of 60, she launched her definitive venture – a globally acclaimed luxury hand-print wallpaper business, taking her experience as a landscape paper to soaring new heights in a whirlwind of vivid colour and kaleidoscopic pattern.

A selection of prints has been translated into one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, resulting in wearable works of art that instantly enliven any ensemble. Every piece is crafted to the highest specifications, utilising premium materials and finishes including 14-carat gold plating, brass, mother of pearl, leather, wood and quality resin. The co-ordinating scarf range features both hand and digital printing techniques rendered on feather-light silk and modal, for unparalleled softness and beautiful drape.

Whether you’re drawn to Art Deco or simply seeking a splash of colour, THE ICONIC’s range of Florence Broadhurst accessories turns every outfit into a sartorial statement.