Founded in 1946, American sound engineering and manufacturing company JBL has been a recognised force in the advancement of high definition audio experiences. The company’s commitment to bringing ‘music to life in a way you can feel’ remains a driving force behind their range of accessible headphones, sleek and compact portable speakers and sophisticated audio accessories.

Powering musicians, athletes and venues across the globe, JBL’s Signature Sound technology brings an immersive audio experience – previously only heard and felt in theatres and studios – to consumer’s accessories both in the comfort of the home and on-the-go.

THE ICONIC proudly stocks a considered selection of JBL’s sleek and compact portable speakers and ergonomically-designed headphones in a variety of neutral and boldly-hued palettes. The brand’s sophisticated portable speakers blends compact, waterproof designs with advanced hands-free voice control technology for immersive audio experiences around the home, in the gym and the great outdoors. Coupled with Google Home app and iCloud compatibility, the audio speakers tap into the dynamic and ever-changing demand of contemporary multi-purpose technology.

Stamped with the brand’s inimitable logo, JBL’s collection of on- and over-the-ear headphones offer wireless and Bluetooth compatibility for active, on-the-go listening. Fusing long-lasting battery life with comfortable ergonomic designs, you can be sure to find a pair that sits comfortably for hours of listening.

Whether you’re seeking a new in-home sound system or a pair of headphones to accompany your active lifestyle, THE ICONIC has you covered. Press play on a JBL device today to unleash powerful and life-affirming sound.