Kat Maconie

Bold, bright and instantly recognisable, Kat Maconie has built a cult following for her unabashedly daring and unique statement shoes. Drawing inspiration from her worldly travels and striking architecture, Maconie’s footwear designs are not for the faint-hearted.

Maconie’s playful spirit echoes throughout each shoe collection – the use of bold carnival colours, playful motifs, unconventional embellishments and chunky silhouettes ignite a sense of youthful excitement that is sure to even tempt minimalists. Her talent lies in her ability to balance strong silhouettes with softer, playful elements, whether it be through incorporating whimsical beading arrangements or textures like tassel and rope trimmings. Comfort is also not forsaken here – Maconie ensures her heels work for everyday by incorporating padded insoles permitting you to show them off into the night.

Although sculptural heels are her signature, Maconie offers a selection of flats, sandals and sneakers that still maintain the whimsical boldness we love. Think elegant ballet flats and kitten mules adorned with swirls of glossy beads, and playful slides in a psychedelic array of colours. Sneakers go against the minimalistic norm and are washed in a mosaic of abstract prints.

Whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist who loves to indulge in the occasional show-stopping piece, The ICONIC has you covered with our selection of Kat Maconie’s footwear. Show them off on your feet as wearable works of art.