Welcome to THE ICONIC’s LEGO® STORE; an epic, all-ages toy chest devoted exclusively to the universally beloved Danish manufacturer and their instantly recognisable brick-built toys. Designed to capture the interest and hearts of all those who visit, the LEGO® STORE is an impressive bonanza stocked full of all the Lego Group’s trademarked themes and franchised collections.

Originating in 1932 in Billund, Denmark by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, the LEGO® brand has since become an eminent toy consortium internationally hallmarked for their games of interlocking building bricks. From sport, fantasy, music, aeroplanes, films, superheroes, animals and cars to nature, space, robots, trains, ninjas and princesses, the LEGO® catalogue has evolved into a diverse palooza encompassing all areas of enjoyment.

Starting from the early learning days of childhood and continuing well into those cherished adulthood moments, THE ICONIC’s LEGO® emporia is accoutred with all the games, puzzles, toys, costumes, stationary, keyrings, storage, collectibles, bag tags, charm bracelets, figurines and, of course, all the revered building kits, that your youthful heart so desires.

Big, bright and buildable, for over half a century, LEGO DUPLO® has served as a staple in every child’s toy box. Designed with an easy-to-handle brick silhouette, LEGO DUPLO® has proven to enhance fine motor skills whilst simultaneously encouraging inquisitiveness and creativity. As a collection that spans from farmyards, town squares, race tracks and construction sites to jungles, airports, beaches and train tracks, each DUPLO® kit has the power to transport not only beginner builders but that of the more experienced yet equally curious master builder. Invest in all the individual sets and adjoin them to create your own, customisable world.

At THE ICONIC, we delight in bringing all your creative, fantastical, educational, skill-building and story-telling needs to the forefront and our playful and awe-inspiring LEGO® STORE has all the products and multi-piece sets required to do just that. As your one-stop shop and all-access gateway into the dynamic LEGO-verse, enjoy free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand and you will be unpacking, building and admiring your creations in no time.

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