For performance fan gear with a particular focus on baseball, Majestic has been the go-to for over 40 years. Founded in 1976 by Faust Capobianco III, the athletic teamwear company originally began as a humble family-run sewing business in the 1940s. Today, the current president Capobianco IV correlates the company’s enormous success with the continuity of family members working at the brand’s core.

Majestic create, design and sell merchandise for major league baseball, college football, the NFL, the NHL and various soccer teams. Their passion is centred around uniting fans from all over the world; allowing people to represent their favourite teams and colours wherever they go. Famed for their team jerseys no matter where you are, these quality-made pieces have proven to be timeless icons in the world of sports memorabilia.

Born from an intense love of baseball and the fan camaraderie this generates, Majestic offers a slice of inherent Americana culture. The powerful iconography of the original baseball teams and the intense fanfare spurred from this is the energy which really drives and moves the industry; a phenomenon that is reflected by the worldwide demand for Majestic products.

When shopping Majestic at THE ICONIC, you will see that we’ve surfaced the classics. Re-imagining American sports downunder, we promise the most popular, and in our opinion, most timeless fan-wear classics.