Mother of Bride Dresses

It’s your daughter’s big day, and you have to look your best! Welcome to The Iconic where we bring an exclusive collection of formal dresses. Just because you represent the generation before at the wedding doesn’t mean that your dress has to be dull, boring or old-school. Going retro or vintage is not a bad idea, but how about selecting an outfit that’s designed by a top label, in sync with the contemporary trends?

As the mother of the bride, you have every reason to be experimental. Think of anything from slip dresses to wrap dresses, and we promise we have something in our collection for you. We also have off-the-shoulder dresses, which are ideal when you want to be a tad more edgy with your looks. A slit dress is not a bad choice, either. It depends on what you feel comfortable in, but going beyond your regular wardrobe essentials is not a bad idea. Mothers can also choose to coordinate the colour or other details with the outfit of the bride – a smart way to look like one big family!

If you are shopping for mother of bride dresses, do check collections from brands like Forever New, Miss Holly, Chancery, Loreta, Pilgrim, Montique, and more! Most outfits on this page are available with the 30-day return policy, and we request you to check the various individual product pages to know more. Let your outfit talk about your personal style at the family event!