Wrap Dresses

If you don’t have a wrap dress in your closet, you are missing out on one of the most iconic outfits in the last five decades. We have the biggest collection of wrap dresses, assorted from brands like the Banana Republic, Tussah, Shona Joy, Tiger Lily, Pilgrim, and Fresh Soul, and did we mention that we stock all major sizes?

Although the outfit had a history, Diane von Fürstenberg is credited for designing the modern wrap dress somewhere in 1972. In simple words, a wrap dress comes with front closure and is tied/wrapped one side across to the other. The neckline of a wrap dress hence looks like V, and the outfit hugs the body in a way that it accentuates the shape. The wrap dress also influenced other outfits, including the wrap top and maxi wrap dresses. Diane von Fürstenberg’s collections have inspired many designers over the decades, and today, the wrap dress remains an item to be owned. No matter whether you are going on a date or wish to find something that’s not very formal for work, a wrap dress is all you need.

Please find a wide collection of dresses on this page, curated by our experts. We promise to offer an easy exchange and returns on all orders, subject to terms and conditions. Check our collection for new updates and additions every week!

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