Sans Arcidet Paris

Sans Arcidet Paris is a label founded on the combined energy of three French sisters; Corinne, Myriam and Sylvie. All with distinct roles within the company, they work towards the end goal of a clear aesthetic for a line of sustainable and stylish accessories. Sans Arcidet Paris is centred around natural materials, reworked basics and French style with a tropical twist.

Founded in 2000, Sans Arcidet Paris set out to combine classic French elegance with Malagazy natural materials. The range of meticulously designed accessories is underpinned by the brand’s signature style with staple raffia, bold colours and chic French girl attitude. From woven bags to baskets, hats and raffia clutch bags, each piece features an element of downplayed, understated style, accented by subtle bold features reminiscent of classic cool style seen on the streets of Paris. All collections are handmade across the African islands, and recall a nostalgia for the three sisters’ upbringing in Madagascar where the rich colours, vibrancy and cultural history inspired their future career paths.

This cultural prism of influence can clearly be seen in the interaction between traditional raffia fabrics and modern updates on Malagazy prints and aesthetic patterns. Texture is of particular importance, and all of the Sans Arcidet Paris accessories share this same fascinating tactile quality. Paying homage to the traditional crafts of childhoods spread across Paris and Madagascar, raffia is a recurring staple through in each collection, with handles crafted from lattice-worked leather, overstitched accents, and classic tote-style silhouettes and market-ready bucket bags.

When shopping Sans Arcidet Paris at THE ICONIC, you’ll see that we’ve stocked a range in-keeping with the aesthetic principles of the label. We have a large scope of the timelessly designed bags from totes to cross-body styles, and sun-ready hats with a focus on the simple and lightly patterned.