Month on month, the ‘luxury’ of single-use sanitary products can easily equate to a well-earned designer handbag (or many) over a single, unassuming lifetime. And while we want to stay clean and comfortable, sacrificing the environment shouldn’t be our scapegoat. Introducing the home-grown period pals at Scarlet, designing discreet, reusable period products with nature and nurture in mind, so you can engage with your body and cycle consciously.

Holding between 2.5 regular and 2 super tampons-worth of blood, Scarlet Period Cups are easily portable for instant reuse in a silicone Period Cup Case and can be sanitised without water using their biodegradable alcohol cleansing wipes, ensuring on-the-go freshness when you need to change.

Made from hypoallergenic, BPA-free medical-grade silicone, the soft, flexible design ensures comfortable insertion for barely-there wear all-day in addition to a trimmable stem for customising the fit. The two sizes of Period Cups can withstand dry and wet activity for up to 12 hours at a time with gentle internal leak-proof suction and easy-to-feel finger grips for disposal of menstrual fluid.

Invite Scarlet to join your period posse this month; shipping year-round between Australia and New Zealand from THE ICONIC to save you -and the environment- one period cup at a time.