Shhh Silk

Launched in 2015 after losing a beloved silk pillowcase to a hotel’s laundry service, internationally acclaimed sleep and beauty brand Shhh Silk is beloved by celebrities and everyday beauty mavens alike.

After a hotel maid in New York City mistakenly removed founder Olivia’s personal silk pillowcase from her room, she searched high and low looking for a replacement. With no luck, an idea - and brand - was born. In the years since, Shhh Silk has garnered a global cult following for its famed silk pillow slips and self-care products, beloved for their ability to help retain skin’s hydration, boost hair’s shine and support an overnight glow that comes from a great night’s sleep.

While now available in 65 countries, the Australian brand is unwavering in its commitment to a quality night’s sleep through the luxurious properties of silk. The brand uses pure mulberry silk across its range, and is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic for the utmost comfort for every user. The brand’s coveted silk pillowcases are supported by matching eye masks to help block out light and encourage a deeper, less-disturbed sleep, and lush silk scrunchies to help minimise hair damage when you want to tie it up or keep it out of your face.

In conjunction with the brand’s beloved sleep linen, THE ICONIC carries a curated selection of Shhh Silk hair accessories designed to support your tresses through every stage to the day (and night). The brand’s non-slip alligator clips and detangling brushes can help to keep your tresses in top condition while styling, while silk-lined shower caps can help prevent unnecessary damage to your hair while keeping it dry in the shower.

Shhh Silk brings their renowned quality to the rest of your wellness routine, with a range of face masks and coverings designed to help provide an extra layer of protection while you go about your day.

Browse THE ICONIC Beauty’s curated range of Shhh Silk pillowcases and hair accessories online today, and enjoy free and fast delivery across Australia and New Zealand.