After seeing a gap in the market for quality compression clothing and activewear at an affordable price, Australian label SIX30 was founded. The brand set out to find a way to offer the same quality products that are so important to professional and amateur athletes without the hefty price tag, crafting exercise apparel for men and women with innovative compression technologies.

Each SIX30 collection is unwavering from their core value of producing reputable designs that endorse fashion, fitness and wellness. A combination of these three key features influencing the brand’s edits is what attracts the brands cult following. SIX30 promises to provide products that are functional when performing or involving in athletic activities, with apparel and accessories that are designed to support you through any low to high-intensity workouts, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re sweeping past your fitness goals.

Setting them apart from other sportswear labels, SIX30’s products and aesthetic are supported by constant boundary-pushing scientific research, helping you perform at your best every time. Ingrained in the brand’s very name, each piece is designed to showcase the six benefits of compression clothing, from the reduction of damage and physical impact, to the promotion of blood lactate removal, the improvement of muscle efficiency and joint pumps, and its assistance in blood flow back to the heart, helping with sustainability and agility.

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