Who is Elijah

Raquel Bouris founded Who is Elijah Eau de parfum as a means to capture the memory of overseas sojourns and platonic adventures in scent. An effortless amalgamation of modern femininity and modern masculinity, the local label curates self-described ‘scented armour’ to suit every gender.

Envisaged in Sydney, Australia, and built upon proudly cruelty-free foundations, the company exercises incredible creative restraint — curating a considered collection of only three to four small-batch fragrances. Hand bottled and packaged with care, Who is Elijah proffers high-quality products that pay fragrant tribute to the excitement of first experiences and the distant memory of decades past.

Each Eau de parfum is carefully balanced with complementary fragrance notes that thoughtfully suit a unisex demographic. From sweet and spicy top notes to lush underlying bouquets of florals and fir, each aroma is layered with a unique blend catering to both his and her scent profiles. Available in 10mL, 50mL and 100mL volume vials, Who is Elijah offers an easy application to your skin or inside clothing.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a new scent to embellish your every day, look to THE ICONIC for a considered collection of Who is Elijah Eau de parfum.