THE ICONIC is on a journey to better manage our social and environmental impacts and as part of this, we have been working closely with the manufacturers of our own-brands to understand and improve the working conditions provided to workers.

While we have made good progress to date, there are still improvements to be made and we will be the first to tell you that we have more work to do with the factories we partner with.

What has struck us during this work is the disconnect between the customers who buy our clothes and the people who make them. We don’t know much about their lives, how they got to where they are or where they want to go.

Our #whomademyclothes short film, for Fashion Revolution 2019, shares with you the stories of just a small sample of the almost 9,000 people involved in manufacturing our own-brand labels; stories of the people who manufacture your clothes. Our aim is to try and reconnect customers with the clothes they wear through these human stories. We are also committed to transparency about our supply chain progress and believe our customers, partners and wider stakeholders have the right to ongoing information about THE ICONIC’s social and environmental responsibility.

The three factories you see in the film are located in Guangzhou and Dongguan areas of Southern China, which is where the majority of our production takes place. You can find a list of the locations of all 50+ factories we use and information about the work we are doing with them here.

Thank you to Xheng Fu Ting, Chen Chun, Hu Yin, Xiang Dong Yuan, Zgy Su Lan, Liu Hai Ying, Yang Hai Xiong, Li Ping and Bao Shan Cheng for sharing their stories with us.